UPVC Roof Prices

UPVC Roof Prices – Amari UPVC roofs are heat and sound absorbent roofs made of quality Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride (UPVC) and have gone through a series of trials to meet international standards. Amari UPVC roofs have very high performance and long-term durability for decades. Besides being easy in terms of installation, Amari UPVC Roofs are also economical and efficient in the budget.

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Here are the specifications and prices for the Amari Upvc roof and its accessories:

Width : 840 mm, effective width 770 mm

Max Length: 12 Meters

Thickness : 10 mm

Material: uPVC with ASA top layer coating and UV

Type : Opaque and Semi Transparent

Effective Weight : 4 kg / meter ( +- 3%) / 4.8 kg / m2

Gording Distance: 1.2 Meters

Installation Tilt: 15 degree

Color : White Doff and Blue Doff

Price : Rp. 130,000/meter run

Color: Semi-Transparent

Price : Rp. 160,000/meter running

Top Ridge / Wuwung

Width : 350mm

Length : 820 mm

Color : White

Price : Rp. 80,000/pcs

Lock Seal Cap

Diameter: 32mm

Color : White

Price : Rp. 23,000/pack

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