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PT. Surya Sukses Inti Makmur is a reliable UPVC roofing manufacturer. as a leading company in the field of plastics, introducing Amari UPVC as a breakthrough product for lightweight roofing that is of high quality and manufactured with differentiation in technology to deliver products that are more durable and sturdy.

With the support of the latest manufacturing technology, Amari UPVC Roof can be used for a very wide temperature range. Amari persists with superior physical qualities even in extreme conditions.

You don't have to worry about the damage to the Amari UPVC Roof due to the age of use or the malfunctioning of the Amari roof as our company promises, because we guarantee all our products for up to 10 years.

The advantages of using Amari UPVC Roof include:

1. Anti-Corrosion

Amari UPVC Roof contains materials that absolutely will not experience corrosion or rust problems and are able to last a very long time against acids, alkalis, salts, and industrial emissions.

2. Environmentally Friendly

Amari UPVC Roof panels are 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly materials.

3. Strong and Light

Amari UPVC Roof weighs 3 times lighter than fiber roofs or other roof panels made of metal and composites. however Amari UPVC Roof can withstand very large loads.

4. Fire Resistant

The Amari UPVC Roof is a class B1 fire retardant product, i.e. safety is at its highest.

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Using the Amari UPVC Roof really supports the design of today's healthy buildings because apart from being able to reflect 71% of sunlight and being able to reduce sound up to 15 db, the Amari UPVC roof is able to provide natural lighting in every corner of the room so that the room is not humid and healthier so it is very good used for any type of building, this is because the Amari upvc roof has a roof model with a semi-transparent color.

Amari upvc roofs are very efficient and easy to install. Please follow the installation here

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