Why Choose Amari UPVC Roofs

AMARI UPVC Roof is ideal for industrial, warehousing, commercial or residential buildings. Available colors: White Doff, Blue, Semi-transparent

Advantages of using UPVC Roofs:

1. Cooler temperature without insulation, ASA layer material reflects 71% of the sun's heat;

2. Has an intelligent air cavity design capable of reducing sound and noise very well, Not noisy especially when it rains;

3. Contains materials that absolutely will not suffer from corrosion or rust problems;

4. is very suitable for use in countries with tropical climates with high humidity and rain intensity and is resistant to all types of weather;

5. Able to last a very long time against Acid, Alkali, Salt and Industrial Emissions;

6. Environmentally friendly and recyclable materials;

7. Has a weight of 3 times lighter than fiber roofs or other roof panels made of metal and composites, but still able to withstand very large loads;

8. Class B1 Fireproof Products, safety is at the highest point;

9. Resistant to Sun's UV Rays;

10. Does not spread fire and electricity;

11. Not wasteful of frame;

12. Very easy to install;

13. 10 Years Warranty.

Amari UPVC Can be applied in various types of buildings as follows:

1. Roofs for factories (including chemical and processing plants);

2. Sports stadiums;

3. Agribusiness industry (fishery, agriculture, animal husbandry and plantation);

4. Warehousing;

5. Commercial buildings (malls, supermarkets, shops, supermarkets);

6. Multi-purpose building;

7. Parking lot;

8. Housing;

9. And Others.

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