Amari UPVC Roof Project in Sendang Biru Malang

Amari UPVC Roof under the auspices of PT. Surya Sukses Inti Makmur is believed to be the sole supplier for PT. Cahaya Cerah to supply Amari UPVC Roof roofing products for the Pondok Dadap (Sendang Biru) DPP Development Project activities in Malang Regency, East Java Province. with Contract Number 3355/DPT.3/PL.410/PPK-PP/IX/2017, on 27 September 2017, with a project value of Rp. 13,780,140,176 (Thirteen Billion Seven Hundred Eighty Million One Hundred Forty Thousand One Hundred Seventy Six Rupiah).

the period of execution of the work is 96 (ninety six) calendar days, and starts from September 28, 2017 to December 31, 2017. with various specification advantages owned by Amari UPVC Roof, making our products the choice and trusted to supply project activities carried out by our customers.

Common uses and applications of Amari UPVC Roof are to:

  • Roofs for factories (including chemical and sewage treatment plants)
  • Sports stadium, agribusiness industry (fishery, agriculture, animal husbandry and plantation)
  • Warehouse
  • Commercial buildings (malls, supermarkets, shops)
  • Etc

So from now on, let's use Amari UPVC Roof for All Roofing Solutions which is more modern and superior in terms of quality, cost savings and technology.

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