Here's How to Install Amari UPVC Roofs

1. Prepare Gording / Reng

Make sure the curtains used are straight and even. Draw a straight line in line before installing the roof.

2. Tilt Angle

Minimum tilt angle of 15 degrees. The distance of the first Gording from the midpoint of the meeting of the horses is a maximum of 10 cm.

3. Install Amari UPVC Roof

Install UPVC Roof roof interlock

4. Pasang SDS

Install the SDS like this picture. (1 m2 requires 4 SDS & 4 Roofseal)

5. Overlap Length

Overlap length is 30 cm (Tilt angle 15 degrees)

6. Arched Roof Application

Look at the picture above

or follow the Amari UPVC Roof Installation Tutorial Video below:

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